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Using the Business Units option

The Business Unit feature has been developed for international or big companies, that need to split the access to Splio between different teams, for organization or security reasons.

So the Business Units can be countries, languages, or teams, and they are strictly separated in Splio: users having access to only one BU can't access the other BU's data, audiences, dashboards, and campaigns.

In the image, you can see how a user with access to several BUs can navigate between them.

If you want to know more about the technical implications of having multiple Business Units, please read our dedicated page.

Assigning users to one or several Business Units

To give a user access to one or several Business Units, go into Settings > User management, then create a new user or edit an existing one with the pen button. If the option is activated, you can select one or several Business Units you want to assign to the user, and then save.